Hey, I’m Amy,

I’m a holistic wellness  coach and transformational yoga Retreat Facilitator who specialises in helping women to reconnect, get unstuck, master their anxiety and embrace their fearless wholehearted self. 

I work intuitively, integrating a range of advanced NLP deep subconscious coaching and holistic modalities throughout my yoga classes, workshops and retreats, guiding you within so that you are listening and tapping into your inner child and own innate heart wisdom. It is when we deeply trust and believe in our decisions, our direction and our path that life becomes and feels limitless! Together we will empower your mindset, master your anxiety and reclaim the brave, resilient and self-confident woman you truly are! 

It is no coincidence you have found me and reading this. You have a knowing deep down that life does not have to feel this hard. You long to  thrive and feel the joy in life again and release the old ways of being and doing that no longer serve you. Shedding the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living the life you desire, feeling ENOUGH in all you do and feeling WORTHY to receive the abundance you dream of. 

I’m here to remind you that you are not alone and you were born worthy. I am beside you every step of the way.  You’ve got this. It is your time. You are ready for the next step.  

Amy xoxo

Upcoming Events

23 June Winter Equinox Yoga Cirlce

An evening of connection and self-love aligning with the balancing equinox energy. Throughout this two hour blissful workshop from 4-6pm we will set intentions and call in what we wish to attract for the month ahead. Our cup will be overflowing as we REST & RECEIVE and enjoy desert and oracle card magic with likeminded sisters. 

Term 2 6.15pm Restorative yin Yoga

Casual passes are available for Restorative Yin at 6.15 until June 26.  A 60min soul nourishing class where you will feel held, supported and nurtured and be taken through a journey of rejuvenating, resting, revitalising and replenishing BEAUTIFUL you. $25 per class

Term 2 7.30pm Restorative Yin Yoga

A 60min soul nourishing class where you will feel held, supported and nurtured.
Contact Amy on 0403 716 077 or hello@amylittle.com.au to be placed on waitlist. 

WOMENS WELLNESS retreat @ yanada NOV 14-17 2024

Women's Wellness Retreat Nov 2024 with Amy Little

From the Blog


Amy is the most beautiful soul who curated a retreat that allowed the perfect mix of yoga, self-reflection, socialising and nature/exercise. The food was just perfect and we were in a blissful state for the three nourishing days – hard not to feel refreshed in such beautiful surroundings and after a really well executed by Amy. I’m grateful to have connected with some amazing and authentic women and Amy is a very special host who nurtured, supported and encouraged at all the right times. I felt deeply connected to my true self and my new friends by the end of it, thanks to Amy’s efforts to create a comfortable and secure environment – cannot WAIT for the next one . So much gratitude!


I stumbled upon Amy Little’s yoga classes online. I was in the midst of a stressful time at work and noticed that I wasn’t moving or breathing properly. I’ve attended Amy’s ‘real life’ and virtual yoga classes, 1:1 sessions  (oracle reading, coaching, cupping and needling) and some of the breath and yoga workshops. These have all been beautiful experiences that relieve stress and tenseness and help me to remember what is really important – and prioritise my health and well-being in the subsequent choices I make. Somehow I walk away from every session with Amy Little feeling that it was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful to have ‘found’ Amy and set aside this time to focus on my well-being. My advice to someone who is unsure is to have an open mind, start with a one on one session or yoga workshop and then go from there!

I came to Amy as a new young mum. I thought I needed one thing, just some ‘me’ time, but Amy seemed to know that I needed something else. Over the course of the last 8 months since my son was born, I have felt listened to, respected, and really ‘seen’ by Amy. I now feel like an empowered, confident and capable woman in my own healing journey, instead of a victim at the mercy of what happened to me, or someone to be cured by a medical professional. I have felt more in control of my feelings and actions during the wild ride that is postpartum. I have gained clarity and understanding over why I feel and act the way I do. I am finally coming into myself as a woman which feels amazing. Thank-you Amy!

Leah S

Amy is just the BEST. She is the most caring coach and yoga teacher you will ever meet. She makes everyone feel comfortable and has an amazing ability to connect with people. Her yoga classes are amazing. I recently went on a retreat which was by far the best retreat I have ever been on. A fantastic group of women and a flexible program to suit everyone’s needs. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


Amy is an incredible yoga teacher, coach and massage therapist. I’ve had the pleasure of attending her retreats, healing circles, and restorative yoga classes. She is an experienced, highly knowledgeable, and very nurturing therapist. Her massages are without a doubt the best I’ve had! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amy and Absolute Heart Space.

Joanne S

Welcome Beautiful Soul


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