Master your Anxiety Workshop with Amy Little

Master your Anxiety Workshop July 26

Are you ready to master you anxiety and uncover and heal what’s been making you feel anxious, overwhelmed and stuck?

What if I told you life didn’t need to feel this hard and you could feel the self-love and self-worth you desire and empower your mindset 💪😍

What if I told you that you could change the way you feel and act each day and live your life full of love and joy 🙌🏼💖

Stress, anxiety and chronic pain of any kind is often the body’s way of telling us we need to pay more attention to our own health and wellbeing, both physically and emotionally 🙏🏼💖

Allow me to support you in getting to the core of what is making you feel stuck, lacking the self-love and self-worth you so deserve to feel.

I invite you to join me for my upcoming

💥$11 POWER HOUR MASTERCLASS 26 July 6.30-7.30 AEST💥where I will guide you through a process of giving yourself permission to ✨FEEL GOOD✨ again.  

To choose you and understand what is holding you back and keeping you feeling stuck.

During this cuppa and connect masterclass you will begin to:

💫Feel differently about yourself
💫Form new beliefs and tell yourself better things
💫Align your energy with your highest self
💫Give yourself permission to embrace what makes you FEEL GOOD
💫Begin the process of unconditionally loving and accepting yourself.

The investment for this hour of inner work and inner growth is $11 plus you’ll receive a FREE workbook so you can continue your healing journey at home anytime. BOOK HERE

💕You are worth investing in

💕You are worthy of living the life you desire

💕You are worthy to receive great abundance in your life

💕You are enough in all you do

💕You are loveable without condition exactly as you are

I look forward to you joining me my darlings and embarking on this empowering journey with you! 🙏🏼🥰

Reach out if you have any questions. LINK HERE to book your FREE 30min Self-love coaching session.

Connect with me on INSTA HERE

Book into workshop HERE. 

Amy xoxo

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