Dive deep this full moon in Capricorn

Dive Deep this Full Moon in Capricorn

Are you ready to dive deep this full moon in Capricorn?
Strap in my loves, the energy is very much wrapped around shadow and transformation. It is time to go within and take responsibility for how our sabotaging actions may have led us to where we are right now.
  • Are you happy with the direction your life is going?
  • If not, why do you feel this? ️
  • Where do you feel it in your body?
  • What limiting beliefs are keeping you in this low vibration feeling stuck?
  • How are you sabotaging, over giving, overdoing or creating mind drama?
Your words are literally a declaration of your thoughts and we hold the power to flip and reframe them whenever we choose. We can simply choose to turn our ship around in a different direction by taking the loving action of telling ourselves better things.
Sounds too easy right? But what if I told you it can literally be that easy! I go through this process with myself and my coach regularly. The inner work never ends when we are committed to living a life of abundance, growth and expansion. Always evolving and up-levelling and aligning to our souls calling.
A good place to start is to make a habit on a daily basis of telling yourself that you are ALREADY the desired person you long to BE. She is you, and you are HER.

Dive deep with Full Moon in Capricorn right now with me.

Place your hand on your heart and stomach right now with me and repeat these words:

  • I am physically moving towards my desires and dreams
  • I lovingly and compassionately taking the baby steps required to move towards my desires and dreams
  • I am ready to receive the life I desire. The life I desire is already there. It is safe receive
It is done.
And so it is
Under the illumination of this powerful Full Moon, where all our shadows, all that is not aligned and all that is not serving us must crumble away, surrender my loves and allow the transformation.
I am with you and beside you ALL the way. No matter where you are on your journey, and how much inner work you have done previously. There are always layers to heal, shed and breakthrough. The possibilities are infinite!
Are you ready?
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Sending you an abundance of Full Moon Blessings my darlings
Mhaw! 💋
Love Amy xoxo
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