Embrace your Duality with 22.2.22

Embrace your Duality with 22/2/22

Embrace your DUALITY with 22/2/22

Today is the day to ’embrace your duality with 22/2/22. Numbers (Numerology) hold great energy, vibration and one of the many signs gifted to us by our angels and spirit.  That is why they are often referred to as Angel Numbers.
Each number has its own unique meaning, theme and insight.
When we keep seeing the same number over and over again in different variations, it is often our angels or guides trying to send us a message or guide us in some way. It is just one of the many ways they try to communicate with us and encourage us to listen to the whispers of our own innate intuition.
For example number 1 represents the relationship with oneself and number 2 is about DUALITY and our relationship with others.
Today, being 22 /2 /22 – it two master numbers (when there is double numbers of same digit together) Master numbers holds very strong and powerful in energy and and message and when we see this often, then there is something very important they need us to know!
I am constantly seeing doubles 11 on my computer, my phone and the car clock. It’s been happening since my huge car crash last Aug.
There are signs for us everywhere my darlings and the answers lie within
The universe needs us to reflect on today how we are relating with the world around us, internally and externally.
Yesterday I talked about us being the co-creators of our own reality. How we are relating to the world internally will in turn have a positive or negative effect on our external experiences. It is when we change our behaviour towards a relationship and how we react, we might notice that in turn their behaviour towards us will change. Laws of attraction, it’s amazing!
Energy flows where intention goes.
Today may you feel the duality and connection of the collective within
How we interact and engage with the world around us and show up for ourselves matters.
We matter.
You matter.
Your voice matters.
The collective matters
May you on this energy heightened day receive the intuitive guidance that is needed for you right now.
Sending you so much love & light

Love Amy x

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