Embrace your sensitive side this new moon

Embrace your sensitive side this New Moon

Today I allowed myself to embrace my sensitive side this New Moon.

I always love the FRESH energy that comes with New Moons even though I tend to retreat and go within with my sensitive and sometimes vulnerable side. It’s a chance each month for us to  reset, realign and call in new beginnings, manifesting from a place of sufficiency, faith and trust.

Earlier today I was attending a virtual ‘Belief Workshop’ by the incredible @cassiemendozajones. She asked us ‘How is our work, the number of clients we serve, or our current income the perfect amount for us right now? Initially my fingers didn’t move as my mind went into self-judge mode as to what we HAVEN’T done yet. Then my heart lead – and she spoke and the following FLOWED out of me.

And it made me realise how much I have been in my own inner CACOON of deep healing and rebirth and even grieve having finally let remedial massage go as an offering for my biz. A service that that was my FIRST to offer 16 years ago and has always been my bread and butter.

I want to share this with you in hope it supports you in sitting within your own beautiful container of SELF-TRUST & SELF-BELIEF.

‘The work I have done in my biz so far is leading you to where you need to go next – your next stage. You are in great transition. Time of bug up-levelling, amongst the discomfort, rewiring DEEP beliefs you have held onto for long enough. You are experiencing the ✨CRUMBLING✨ Old clients, old ways of being, old ways of doing, old habits, old beliefs are all falling away💥In order for the new foundations to be created strongly and in alignment with your soul, core values, innate wisdom, the space to heal is needed and essential. Your new way of working and the clients you are meant to serve in this stage of your life and biz are already here. Embrace the space in between my darling.

That was my heart lovingly thanking my ego and my inner critic for trying to keep me safe and reminding me I am exactly where I need to be 🙏🏼

It’s sometimes as easy as that my darlings! Once we tap into our heart space the potent wisdom and messages she has to share is POWERFUL💥

May you lean in and listen 🥰

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