Expand, Grow and Up-level with Amy Little

Expand, Grow and Uplevel

Feeling all the feels as I prepare to take 11 courageous clients away on retreat today for three nights of rest and restoration bliss while I radiate my light and hold sacred space so they can expand, grow & Up-level with me.

Simply cannot WAIT!

How are you feeling in your growth and expansion at the moment?

I believe we are all here as souls to grow, learn and expand within our own experiences and journeys.

At some point these experiences will feel like they are tipping us over the edge, trembling our inner self so much that you might feel like you simply cannot out one foot in front of the other.

Know my love, that this means you’ve hit a GROWTH point.

The person you have been up until now, simply cannot carry you through to the other side.

And when we reach this stage it is time to step BOLDLY into your EXPANSIVE self and let go and shed that part of you that no longer serves.

It’s how we choose to surrender, let love in, sit with the fear, allow and push through that hard crust of resistance that empowers our fierce hearts 💗

Announcing that you believe in yourself, that no storm will quell your light.

Announcing that though your flame 🔥 maybe quivering, you nevertheless hold it high above your head. 💪

Believe my darling that are capable and have the capacity to grow and expand.

You are exactly where you need to be.

Place your hand in your heart anchoring in and repeat,

✨It’s my time and I’m ready for the next step ✨

It’s not too late to jump into my three month 1:1 coaching immersion package before the end of the year 😉

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Sending you all so much soul replenishing love,

Amy xoxo

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