Feeling the fire with New Moon in Aries

Tonight is New Moon and I’m feeling this fire energy of Aries which is encouraging me to get stuff done and just ‘do it’.  I got so much done today and booked a flight to visit my family and the motherland in NZ. Being the first astrological sign of the zodiac, this energy is truly encouraging us to finally start the move forward towards our New Beginnings.
Mantra and Theme for this month:


‘The fire within me has been ignited and offers me the strength I need on my journey.’
I’ve been feeling in a very intuitive action mindset and motivated to ‘Just Do It’ – especially with my website launch.
If you’ve been feeling a bit lethargic or stuck during the Pisces season, this will help shift this stagnant energy for you. This New Moon is a cosmic reset – the Universe is giving you a green light to start all over again. To reset, realign and tenew with the fire of Aries. Hoorah!
We have a record of 5 planets in Aries: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Chiron (the wounded healer). This New Moon is as “Aries & Fiery” as you can get.
When you start a fire, Aries is that initial spark that turns solid matter into flames. Aries is the spark of life, the big bang, the beginning of everything. Tune in and harness this incredible energy. Aries people are known for their uninhibited courage and instinct. They will not wait around for life to come to them. They will get out there and take action and affirm themselves.
We are all infused with this raw instinct of affirmation, with this primal desire to BE and participate. When are in total flow, pulsing to the same heartbeat as the Universe – magic happens. This state of flow is not just a random experience, it is the result of being consciously aware, of understanding something very intuitive about your soul-led purpose you are called to do in this lifetime.

Journal Prompts:

✨How can you embody your divine feminine leadership in the role you are currently playing?
✨Are you playing too small or allowing fear to hold you back from living your best life?
✨What New Beginning do you call in now? Write this with 100% self-belief and absolute knowing, trust and faith.
Sending you all an abundance of blessings.
Love ‘n’ light
Amy xoxo
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