full moon

Full Moon 🌕 in Cancer ♋️ Blessings My Darlings!


~ Mantra ‘I Feel’ ~

Cancer is the feminine, manifesting, sensitive, homemaker, emotional and healer sign of the zodiac. Cancer is the family, the roots, the womb of creation, the safe, nurturing space where life is formed. Cancer is the source, the root cause, THE DEEPER TRUTH 💗

This Full Moon in Cancer is encouraging us to FULLY let it go – crack open that beautiful heart space and allow the flood gates to open, taking no heaviness or emotional weight into 2021. FREE yourself 🙌🏼

Having awareness around what this might be and journaling will be the start of a turning point that will set your life in a new direction for the New Year ahead. Feeling a truer, more authentic, and aligned YOU. How AMAZING will that feel? Include that feeling in your journaling as if you are already feeling it NOW 🥰

Most of us have spent so much more time at home this year. What has this shown us? What have we discovered along the way? How have you nurtured your INNER home and inner sanctuary? Remember home is where the heart is 💗

Being the homemaker and nurturing sign it’s important to listen too and nourish your body, heart, and soul. There has been much attention, and even fear, placed on the state of our health this year, so take pause to honour, nourish, and attend to your own well-being.

Let the vibrations of the Cancer Full Moon soothe you and FREE you. Allow the energies of the Moon to guide you to your inner home, where all is safe and all is well.

Remember you divinely held and guided and never alone 🙏🏼💗 I choose this image to post as it represented the Collective Consciousness, Community and the Divine Goddess. It has been such a huge year – but such incredible GIFTS, healing and LIGHT we are taking with us into 2021 because of this year, and such DEEP inner healing and transformation has been done along with the loss. We have shedded, released, cried literally as a global collective consciousness. If any fragments of this are left remaining – This is the FULL MOON to let it go Fully. You’ve got this 💪

See you in the New Year my darlings 🥳

It’s been my ABSOLUTE honour to be of service to you all in 2020 🙏🏼

Much love

Amy 😘

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