Full Moon in Libra Blessings Dear Ones

Tonight is Full Moon in harmonious Libra.
The Mantra for Libra is ‘I Balance’ signified by symbol of the scales.
‘My relationships are healed through constructive confrontations and balance’.
This Full moon is not a super moon, however you would of noticed how bigger she feels this month compared to others as she is closer to us and carrying some very beautiful, high powered energy this month encouraging deep inner healing, protection and harmony.
This time last year the world felt and was a VERY different place! There was much unknown, fear and instability in the air with many loosing loved ones, loosing their jobs as isolation in every sense of the world started to kick in.
12 months ago to this day I also said goodbye to my incredible cat Molly who was by my side for 13 amazing years – my wee gate keeper by my clinic door greeting my clients as they came and went, shielding her mamma from any lingering negative energy I am sure.
Her presence is always with me and her departure completely cracked me open, unleashing this deep grief I hadn’t experienced since I lost my brother to suicide in 1996. I cried lifetimes of tears it felt like, collectively with everyone as on some level worldwide this time last year we were all grieving. This experience awakened me like many of us and unlocked something from within very sacred – my intuition and gifts I’d often hidden from fear of judgment , all of a sudden could no longer be hidden – and I felt safe to share them – finally.
I had reconnected with my why. My soul mission and what I am here to do – To support and coach women intuitively in rediscovering and remembering the brave, strong and courageous beings they truly are so that they may live a life filled with much love, health and happiness .
This Full moon my darlings, acknowledge you in your journaling
✨How have you progressed?
✨How have your grown?
✨What have you released so far?
Is there anything still lingering which is not serving your highest purpose? If so write that shit down with Unconditional love, Acceptance and Forgiveness and let it go.
You’ve got this.
I love you.
Full Moon blessings.
Amy xoxo
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