Sending you New Moon in Libra Blessings

Feeling all the feels and reduce overwhelm leading up to New Moon in Libra ♎️ tomorrow.

Libra – the energy of harmonising balance, compromise and collaboration.
I always go within during the dark moon and internally reflect on what hasn’t worked in the past month.  What lessons would I like to take with me into the next month when I set my intentions and goals.
This lockdown has reminded me even more the importance of a sustainable self-care daily practice.
Libra energy this month will encourage you to set your intentions with a sense of how much you can realistically ‘take on’. Keeling the balance is the key.
How are you currently lightening your load, reducing your expectations and being kind to yourself?
The boys were not overly thrilled to be starting back at ‘school’ today. One month to go here in NSW.  Dave and I juggled work commitments between the two of us and we muddled through and they did awesome. Day one – Tick! Shifting your mindset back to ‘One day at a time’ can reduce overwhelm hugely.
I noticed by lunch my energy was waning and so was the boys. I suggested they have a power nap with mamma, listening to a mediation to recharge their wee brains before I went back to my work.
We snuggled in bed holding hands and I popped on a guided meditation from Insight Timer and we were all zonked out and GONE within minutes. Billy even woke up dribbling bless him! 🙏🏼😆
We all loved the snuggle and connection so much sinking into our bliss together that we will continue this practice as much as we can until they return to school.
Truly a gorgeous wee practice too do with your kids!
My New Moon wish for you this month my darlings:
✨May you find the middle ground you seek this month
✨May you see things from both sides
✨May you find the gift of balance internally and externally
✨May you work in harmony with others in all relationships
If you wish to dive deeper into this energy with me, learn more self-care tips and set your intentions for the month ahead please join me this Thursday 7 Oct 7.15-8.45pm for my next Virtual Mentoring Sister Circle.
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Love Amy xoxo
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