Amy Little Full Moon Journal Prompts

Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon Journal Prompts

As you do your soul enquiry and full Moon journal prompts tonight consider this mantra – ” I give myself permission to release all shame, doubt and fear. I am a power magician and can alchemise any past trauma.’

Full moon blessings my lovely!

I hope that you are feeling calm, confident and full of motivation for the week today as we start our week with this powerful and potent Full Moon in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse.

The energy surrounding this Eclipse is encouraging us to truly release, let go, close doors and come to a state of completion.


  • Where in your life is your gut telling you to release or let go of something that has run it’s course?
  • Where is fear or doubt showing up for you right now? Where are you holding on?
  • How can you transform, alchemise past experiences, even traumatic ones so that the wisdom in those lessons can empower you forward?

Remember your WHY my loves

LIVE, LEAD and LOVE from your HEART. She knows the way.

You know why you are here. Eclipses can remind us of our soul contracts and remind us to realign if we are off course.

TRUST and listen to the call, follow the niggle.

YOU are the MAGIC my darlings. Let your heart lead the way!

Sending you so much love.

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