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Full Moon Journal Prompts – Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon Journal Prompts to help you process all the feels leading up to today’s Full Moon. I have been really craving chilling at home, family time, nurturing myself, gardening, de-cluttering, almost nesting which makes total sense πŸ™ŒπŸΌ I just wish I had more energy for the decluttering πŸ˜‚
Today’s Full Moon falls in the sign of Cancer ♋️ which is the energy all about home, family and nurturing yourself.
Cancerians are highly feminine sensitive souls. Their manta is β€˜I feel’ and they FEEL DEEPLY. They are reflective like the water in this image.
They are ruled by the Moon so feel completely in their element and at HOME being in Full Moon energy πŸ₯°βœ¨
Some of us who are unaware of the lunar cycle and what phase it is in might have noticed they have been a lot more sensitive lately. Some might have noticed nothing at all! Full Moon energy does not affect everyone in the same way πŸ™πŸΌ
You may have had an inkling to have a clean out lately and make SPACE. This is Full Moon energy helping and supporting you to let go and RELEASE.
This month as you start the year grow and go at your OWN pace with self-love and compassion reducing any pressure and expectation on yourself. Try not to compare. Stay on your own wee empowered path.
Remember my darlings you ✨ARE ENOUGH✨ and absolutely loveable without condition exactly as you are.

Full Moon Journal prompts:

✨Use tonight’s full moon to write down any fears and insecurities that may have come up since the start of the year.
✨Breathe in TRUST that you are safe and divinely guided and protected.
✨Are there any mantras or affirmations that come to mind to support this belief for you?
✨How can you rewrite the remainder of the month and release any behaviours, systems or relationships that are no longer serving you.
Remember this is the time to allow how you TRULY FEEL. Treat yourself with immense kindness and compassion my loves, taking it all in your stride with grace and ease.
Full Moon Blessings.
Amy πŸ’‹
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