Full Wolf Moon in Leo Blessings my darlings!

Strap in my darlings – things have the potential to get a intense under this Leo Moon tomorrow Friday 28th Jan

This Full Moon is hugely energetically charged and going to shine a big brave Lion roar light on what we truly feel, belief and want to express to those around us and the world.  The Sun shares its light with Jupiter, which could have the potential to make the drama bigger, as Jupiter expands feelings. We will want to take immediate action in expressing our needs and desires. This may not be received well by others, depending on the delivery and ways we choose to state our sentiments

My intuitive guidance & journal prompts:
⚡️Take the time over the next few days to sit with these big feelings and ask – why must I express this now? Remember it is happening for you not too you. Journal these feelings down and try movement, exercise, music and dance to shift the energy instead of venting it toward others.
⚡️Where possible think before you speak or send maybe opt to text instead of creating confrontation. Meditate on what and how you want to express emotions. Then, you maybe able to avoid the explosive drama that Leo energy can sometimes bring.
⚡️Review your New Moon Intentions and take positive, grounded intuitive action.
⚡️Release, let go and forgive what is no longer serving or working for you anymore and to surrender it to a higher power with unconditional love & acceptance. Write your list. Burn it.
⚡️Whatever comes up emotionally this week is coming up for a reason. Nothing is a coincidence – remember to meditate, allow and honour and love yourself unconditionally no matter where you are. You are divinely supported, held and guided always.
Lastly ask your oracle/tarot cards for guidance – tune into the portal of your heart tomorrow night and allow your guides to send you the messages you need to hear. Praying of any form is so incredibly powerful and ultimately leads you on your empowered path back to you. The universe is always listening.
Love Amy xoxo
📷 Original Artwork by Amy Little
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