Spiritual Significance

Halloween’s roots come from the pagan festival of Samhain which falls on today, Oct 31.

It is also believed that this day the veil between the world of the living and of lost who have passed on to be the thinnest.
Energetically this is a beautiful time to honour all the ✨ “deaths” ✨ that we have all experienced this year. To make peace with all the things that have needed to fall away but we have clung onto for fear of letting go.
The time to shed and release what no longer serves our highest good and celebrate the cycle of the new. The cycle of rebirth.
Potent energy as we are in Scorpio season and approach New Moon this Friday. Scorpio  the sign of transformation, power, sexuality, DEEP water and shadow work.
This year has been DEEP for many and we are all on our own journey of releasing, shedding, healing, growing, evolving and learning the BIG life lessons we are here to experience.
Take today to celebrate, acknowledge, connect and reflect on all that was and all that is. Be gentle and kind to YOU.
Oh and don’t forget to enjoy some treats!
You are always divinely guided and supported my darlings.
With love & light
Mhaw! 💋
Amy xoxo
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