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Do you have healthy loving boundaries?

Do you have healthy loving boundaries? or do you lose yourself in relationships and fall into the pattern of giving more than you are receiving because of non existent healthy loving boundaries?

If you answered YES to that, you are not alone. Maintaining and holding loving boundaries with our family, our friends and ourselves is a constant process of self-awareness and realignment.

Healthy boundaries are a form of ‘SELF-LOVE’. To learn to love thy self first and then establish healthy relationships with others. To remember that the love you seek is already within YOU.

Our boundaries are learnt behaviours from when we were little. Before the age of 7 we learnt how to give and receive love. We learnt what we needed to do to feel loved, feel safe, belong and feel connected.

Maintaining healthy boundaries is something that ‘used’ to impact my life greatly. I was the biggest people pleaser and because I didn’t want to upset anyone with my choices, I allowed others to make decisions for me and put everyone else’s needs above my own.

A few years back I made a conscious choice to love myself deeply and give myself permission to do things for MYSELF and do things that light ME up. Don’t get me wrong, I am the biggest giver. Still am. But only if it is within a relationship where it is energetically reciprocal. I took my power back and so can YOU!

One way to check in with yourself and if you are existing in co-dependent relationships where you might be losing your sense of self is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you giving in certain relationships more than you are receiving?
  • Do you feel SAFE, heard and supported in your relationships? Do you feel safe to be you and express how you feel? Or are you walking on eggshells?
  • Do any of your relationships make you feel anxious or powerless? This one is important. I always remind to boys to spend time with people that make their heart feel GOOD. Spend time with people who after their company you feel good about yourself.

If you resonated with any of the above points, please know that you have take the BIG first step in self-awareness to stepping towards cultivating healthier boundaries and a deeper love for yourself.

Write a list of make a mental note of where your energy is feeling drained, depleted, or taken advantage of. Choose to from this moment forward to choose YOU, your choices, your beliefs and take your power back.

This shift in your energy will support a realignment in your relationships. It is when we change the relationship with the blocks, the blocks change.

It all starts with YOU my darlings. You hold the power. Your mindset is your everything. Your beliefs are everything.

I am here to guide and support you through this process. I have you.

You’ve got this

Love & light

Amy x

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