Master your Anxiety with Amy Little

How to feel self-empowered

How do you start your day to feel self-empowered?

What emotion do you generally feel first?

Energised, motivated, grounded?

Or are you all too often feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stuck and worried about your day and what lies ahead?

Have you ever heard of the ✨Thinking and Feeling Loop within our brain?✨

As we think different thoughts, our brain responds by firing corresponding sequences to our neurons, which then produce chemicals with the exact signature to match those thoughts so we feel the way you are just thinking.

Therefore, when you have positive or loving thoughts, you produce chemicals that make you feel positive and full of love. The same holds true for negative or fearful thoughts. In a matter of seconds, you begin to feel negative or anxious.

This is why we MUST tell ourselves BETTER things.

Thoughts which will uplift, empower and encourage us.

Our brains are very clever, and inner critic will try their best to keep us safe. Sometimes in order to keep us safe, they want us to stay where we are, because change feels scary.

This leads to us feeling stuck and overwhelmed and we may then starting doubting ourselves and question EVERYTHING.

Your thoughts might start telling you…

  • What if I fail?
  • What if they decide to no longer love us?
  • Can we really do this? It feels too hard…
  • What if I’m not good enough?
  • I can’t earn that much or do that job…

Sound familiar? Good news is we can flip, reframe and transform our thoughts with some very simple mindfulness tools and strategies.

Change not only takes strategy, it takes BELIEF.

I invite you to join me Tuesday 26 July 6.30-7.30pm to Master your Anxiety.

✨$11 POWER HOUR MASTERCLASS✨ where I will share with you ALL MY SECRETS to how to implement your daily practices so you feel aligned, empowered and UNSTUCK.

I invite you to embark on this self-empowerment journey with me and give yourself permission to FEEL GOOD NOW.

To choose YOU and create awareness as to what is holding you back and keeping you feeling stuck.

Receive a ✨FREE✨ workbook so you can have your own resource to draw upon anytime you need.

Reach out if you have any questions. Booking can be made HERE

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Amy xoxo

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