I am Brave - I AM Beautiful Self-Mastery Challenge

I AM Brave, I AM Beautiful Self-Mastery Challenge

I AM Brave – I AM Beautiful Self Mastery Challenge

Join me on this FREE six day challenge from Tuesday 26th April until New Moon in Taurus on Sunday 1 May to support you in embodying your BRAVE & BEAUTIFUL self.
This challenge is not about you BECOMING Brave or finding ways to feel MORE beautiful. You already ARE Brave. You already ARE beautiful.
I have been really channelling my wholehearted warrior self lately and consciously taking brave courageous actions from this place of inner strength and energy. Sitting in a place of TRUST and loving ABUNDANCE.
I want you to FEEL this too!
I invite you to sign up to receive guidance, wisdom and tools as to how you can harness this energy as we start Term 2.

You will receive

– A short mediation to do each morning upon waking to help clear limiting beliefs and align your mindset.
– FREE ‘Embody your Energetic Self workbook with wellness mindfulness tips to start your day and incorporate self-love and self-care practices into your schedule.
What you will need:
Commit to being LIVE with me everyday on my morning for 6 days at 7am for approx 15min. We all know how powerful it is to start our day from an empowered place.
You can also join the private Heart Space Sisterhood Facebook Event HERE
All you need to do is bring your devoted loving self, journal and a pen. I will be going LIVE in this FACEBOOK group. No one will see you, so you can join me in your PJ’s or also on your morning walk (-:
Look forward to having you in this sacred container with me.
Feel free to book your FREE 30min Self-Love Session HERE for more information.
Love Amy xoxo
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