You are Worthy, You are Enough

I am Worthy, I am Enough

Repeat after me – I am Worthy, I am Enough

When I reflect on the pain and trauma that I have healed deeply from the within over the years and intuitively transformed into nothing but unconditional love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness I feel FREE 💪😍

Your story is what sets you apart from everyone else. There is no one in this world LIKE YOU. Your mess is your message and worthy of sharing. Feeling brave and safe in our vulnerability supports others in reaching out for help and feeling safe to speak their truth too 🙌🏼

Embrace every facet of your beautiful wholehearted self 💖 Weird woo woo and all. It’s so f*** liberating when you do and drop the people pleasing 💃😆 Lift the veil, take off that mask and shine your RADIANT light ✨✨

It’s safe to show up and serve the world just by being YOU.

✨You are worthy
✨You are enough
✨You are worthy

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Mhaw! 💋
Amy xoxo

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