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Today I honour You

Happy International Women’s Day, today I honour you. I honour the brave, fierce, strong, and feminine woman that you are!

We have embarked on a new era in our society. A new earth. A more conscious way of co-existing, living and embracing our time here on this precious planet we call earth 🌍

An era where it’s safer to speak our truth 💪

To say no✋ and to express ourselves, SHOW UP 🌈 and serve the world by being our authentic self.

Manifesting our DEEPEST desires and living the life we dream of, takes courage, it takes commitment 🙌🏼

And most of all it takes conscious action towards what it is we wish to attract. To BE. To FEEL 🫶

The journey isn’t always easy. Soul lessons, and following your heart taking brave actions never is 💛

But it’s WORTH it my darlings 💪 You are worth it and capable of achieving anything you put your mind too 👏

The inner work, shadow work, fear and self-doubt you feel and all ups and downs and tears in between are all worth it 💛

It’s part of the process. The rebirth.


Today on this Full Moon 🌕 in Virgo DECLARE your wildest dreams. Don’t hold back.

Release the FEAR. RELEASE the self-doubt. RELEASE the HURT. It’s time to unconditionally LOVE and FORGIVE. Let the past go. Live for the now and tomorrow 💛

Repeat after me.

This is my time and I’m READY for the next step 🙌🏼

You’ve got this my darlings 💃

I love you,


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