11:11 Activation & Expansion Portal

Today is a significant day to honour many courageous brave souls. Today I honour them all.

11:11 is also energetically a powerful numerology number and a day of high manifestation and activation. It is a day to also honour YOU.
Do you often see 11:11 whenever you look at your phone, watch or laptop? Is it a number that is on your dash of your car when your feeling lost or unaligned? This is no coincidence. It’s more than just a number. It’s a celestial portal that represents accelerated opportunities, manifestation and elevated frequencies.
It’s a sign from the universe that you are divinely guided, protected and an invitation to EXPAND.
Three months ago my two boys aged 10 and 8 and I were involved in a very scary car crash where we were hit by a truck taking an illegal turn. We were travelling 80km an hour. He hit just before my drivers side, the car spun 360 in the middle of the road and the impact was so intense that not only was the car written off but the right wheel was hanging off the car! The boys and I walked out with minimal injuries, not even a scratch. It was a miracle.
JUST before I left the house before this accident I texted a friend. It turned out I sent this message at 11:11. Throughout that week recovering. I saw 1:11 and 11:11 often on many devices and clocks.
The accident shook me to the core. My boys were so incredibly brave and resilient they didn’t fear only felt love & protection as that’s all I wrapped them in.
Like many traumatic events in my lifetime, I seek the learning and lesson and choose to GROW and transform  from the experience.
Today once again as I honour those brave souls, I honour MYSELF, the journey my soul has been on so and EMBRACE all that I am.
Tonight find a quiet space and write  down how you wish to activate and expand within your own life. You are the creator of your destiny my darlings. Any limiting beliefs that are blocking you are yours to dissolve.
I am posting this at 11:11.
May you choose to enter through this potent portal with me today.
Love & light
Amy xoxo
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