Don't let Anxiety & fear run the show

Is your Anxiety & Fear running the show?

Is your Anxiety & Fear running the show?

I believe happiness is a choice and we have the power overcome our fear and anxiety when it arises. We can CHOOSE to let the fear run our lives, focusing on lack and using all our energy feeling sorry for ourselves or we can RISE ABOVE and talk to our fear and anxiety from a place of love and compassion. Listen to the messages and learn from the experience, believing in ourselves that we can get through this and that we can do this.

Most of our reality is not a given. It is shaped by our expectations, beliefs, and thoughts we have formed about it. We are the designers of our reality. A big chunk of these beliefs and expectations are encoded into our habits we integrate in our daily life.

Some of these habits have been formed unconsciously from a very young age and can be counter-productive or limiting.  The great news is that we can consciously form and re-programme positive habits that will transform and empower our life significantly if we have AWARENESS.

We hold the ability to decide how we wish to feel each day. Some days we feel in complete flow and some can feel hard and challenging, triggering our anxiety and fear all over again.

These are the days we need to dig DEEP with self belief and draw upon every ounce of inner strength and resilience we have to get through the day, show up for our ourselves and others without crumbling and falling apart in a crying wreck. Can you relate? Have you been there?

I have, many times and having lived with and worked through managing my anxiety over the years, I know it takes a courageous heart and an empowered mindset to not let it run the show.

If your feeling overwhelmed managing your anxiety and fear, please join me this Friday 25th Feb 7-8.30pm from the comfort of your own home for only $22 (Heart Space Sisterhood Members $11) where I will share with you ALL OF MY SECRETS I use to ensure I am always in my Courageous Heart & Empowered Mindset.

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You’ve totally got this my darlings!

Love & light

Amy x

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