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Managing Self-Doubt and Procrastination

Now that our beautiful bambinos have returned to school, how are you managing your self-doubt and procrastination my friend?

The start of the school year is an exciting time for many. I actually think for once this year my boys excitement level was more than mine! They are ready to embark on another amazing year and so am I.

For some, once we get them back to school after the long summer break, we finally feel like we can BREATHE again! Like our year is energetically beginning as we now have the capacity to focus our full energy towards our jobs, our business’s, our goals, without the constant distraction of entertaining our children, the neighbourhood kids in your pool, bleeding noses and hornet stings (that truly was my day yesterday ha ha!)

With more space and time to stop and breathe, it can sometimes bring up BIG feelings that may have been lingering under the surface. The distraction that has been the chaos of school holidays and holiday socialising has served a purpose, but sometimes that self-doubt and procrastination can creep in when we least expect it.


So why do we keep doing the thing or things when we know what we know?  Why can’t we bring ourselves to do the things we WANT to do?  Procrastination and self-doubt can rule your day and has the ability to reduce and take away the joy in our day IF we allow it.

Steps to avoid procrastination 

  1. Acknowledge – Identify the THINGS you are doing to procrastinate
  2. Ask yourself what you are afraid of? Is it boredom? Is your inner perfectionist scared of failing? Are you putting off confrontation or worried about being judged? Why are you afraid to do the thing?
  3. Write 10 reasons why doing the thing I am putting off will help future me
  4. Break it down into little achievable tasks – Get out your planner or Monday board – How can I break this down into tiny tasks and what are my milestone rewards? So important we be our own cheerleaders and recognise how far we have come.
  5. Make a realistic time plan of when you can action each little task. If it is something big – allocate time in your calendar to do this little task.
  6. Just DO it my darling! Just start…step out of motion and into the ACTION. Get out of your own way and just take the courageous action, the courageous baby steps, and you will be closer than you realise. You are already closer than you think.

As your year really begins I wish you peace, harmony and flow my darlings in all that you do.

May you make choices that align with your soul and may you have the courage to heal, grow and be free.

If your energy cup needs filling – Join me FRIDAY 17TH FEB 6.45-8.45pm for my first Restorative Yin Circle of the year. 


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With you every step of the way.

Love & Light

Amy xoxo

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