May Mental Health Month with Amy Little

May Mental Health Awareness Week

May is Mental Health Awareness Week. Though we don’t need a month to remember to check in with ourselves and each other, I want to check in with you and see how your doing?

Are you OK?

How are you REALLY feeling behind that smile? And most importantly do you feel supported?

I remember a time when I felt embarrassed to share with my friends and family when I wasn’t OK.

People have so much of their own stuff going on, they don’t need to be burdened with my STUFF!

But my darling, I am here to remind you that there are MANY people around you who care for you deeply and will WANT to know if your not OK. Because it is OK to not be OK. And it is OK to reach out, and ask for help. Sometimes we struggle to manage and cope with it all on our own. And that struggle can feel isolating if we don’t let people in and feel safe to share.

It is a sign of STRENGTH and COURAGE to speak up and allow your vulnerability to be seen. To let people into your internal world and what you are really feeling. I celebrate anyone who shows the resilience, strength  and bravery to do the inner world and get the help they need.

I have been there. I think that most people have.  The world we live in is more demanding and activating than ever. And it needs us CONSCIOUS. It needs us AWAKE and taking care of ourselves.

The more we uplift our own vibration with self-care, mindfulness and wellness practices, the better the world will be.

Give yourself permission to choose YOU.

To serve the world by being YOU.

It is when we hit rock bottom and crack open, that the LIGHT can enter.

You are love. You are light.

And you my darling have absolutely got this!

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