Meet Amy Little

Amy Little Holistic Wellness Coach

Hi there, I'm Amy,

I’m a Holistic Wellness  Coach, practitioner and Transformational Yoga Retreat Facilitator who specialises in helping women you to reconnect, get unstuck, embrace their fearless wholehearted self and live a life of freedom.

I am a Generator in Human Design and a big hearted Leo. With my Sun sign in Leo, Moon in Gemini and Rising Sign in Scorpio I 100% live my life radiating outwards from my heart and solar plexus areas with great passion and courage. 

I work intuitively with my clients, integrating a range of advanced coaching and holistic modalities, guiding you within so that you are listening and tapping into you inner child and own innate heart wisdom. It is when we deeply trust and believe in our decisions, our direction and our path that becomes and feels limitless. Together we will empower your mindset, master your anxiety and reclaim the brave, resilient and self-confident woman you truly are! 

My Story

We all have a story. This is mine and it is not an uncommon one.  I am incredibly grateful for all I have experienced as it has led me on this path of supporting, helping and empowering others to getting unstuck from the past and live a life feeling confident and free. 

I have suffered from and have lived with anxiety for most of my life due to many factors and lived experiences. Growing up in Christchurch and in my household was at times unsafe, unstable and with very little healthy boundaries.  My father is an alcoholic and back then was volatile. My incredible mamma coped the best she could and as you can imagine suffered severe anxiety, living on eggshells trying to keep dad happy. I learnt from a young age, to always appear happy, cheerful and be an easy going daughter as that is what they needed me to be. If everyone was happy then all was well! 

I have two older brothers who protected both my mum from dads violence as best they could, though they left home as soon as they were able. My oldest brother Nick left for Otago to attend Uni and my middle brother Nathan, couldn’t wait to be independent, left school and got a job at 16, and not long after that, left home. He struggled with his mental health and became a very lost soul, getting swept up in the drug scene. We heartbreakingly lost him to suicide in 1996. He was 22 and I was 16. That same year my mother lost her father, our grandad who was everything to us and helped raise us along with my nana. Life became even darker for us all after that. Deep grief took over and I pushed aside my feelings as someone needed to take care of mum as she understandably was struggling to cope. I became even MORE helpful,  even MORE of a people pleaser and cemented the self-sabotaging habit of putting everyone’s else’s needs above my own. 

I was fortunate enough to meet the love of my life, Dave, at 17 and moved to Australia with him when I was almost 19. I had become a crying wreck whenever I drank too much as I hadn’t dealt with my grief or trauma.  Eventually the universe intervened and led me to YOGA and many powerful bodywork therapists, healers and coaches to do the inner work and free myself of the pain of deep loss. It was the transformation and freedom I felt coming out the other end of my deep healing journey that empowered me to study Remedial Massage and change careers, which was recruitment at the time.  I realised my soul purpose this lifetime was to educate and empower others and help them to overcome, break free and live a life full of love and joy, rather than worry and fear. 


My motherhood journey started in 2011 when I was thirty years old. I am blessed with the most incredible souls and strong healthy Boys, Billy and Rocco. 

I experienced post-natal depression after my first birth with Billy from lack of sleep and not feeling enough. As anyone who has experienced post-natal depression will attest, it was a very difficult and challenging time. My child would later be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) This diagnosis only compounded the guilt and the lack of self worth I already felt. At the time, I struggled with how best to support him while still giving the same amount of love and attention to my second child. And I did this while being separated from my immediate family. I will admit, it brought me to breaking point


It was around this time that I became aware of the fundamental importance of ‘self-care’ and the need to carve out time each day to reconnect with ME. And with the support of my family, my sisterhood and much self-devotion I was able to rediscover myself again.

I quickly noticed the positive impact that self-love and acceptance had on my energy levels, my mood and my overall happiness.

Feelings of exhaustion and resentment turned to feelings of deep gratitude and abundance. The anxiety, the guilt and the fear were gone. I no longer felt the need to be everything to everyone. And this is the gift I want to give to you!  

To feel empowered to embrace your everyday and to thrive on your own journey. I want to help you shine brightly in your own truth and to radiate self-confidence and self-respect. I want to see you filled with love and trust and the joy of knowing that you truly ARE ENOUGH.

I am a certified holistic life coach, NLP practitioner and Diploma trained in Remedial Massage therapy. I am also a qualified restorative and yin yoga teacher, doula and energy healer as well as CERT IV qualified in Aromatherapy, Nutrition and Training and Assessing. I am a lover of astrology, moon cycles and the divine feminine and am also certified in dry needling and cupping therapy

I am here to support you in staying true to who you are. I want to help you pursue your true calling and to unlock the magic I know you possess so that you can live the life you desire. 

I am here to support you in ditching the self-doubt and mastering your anxiety. 

Self-love and Self-belief takes self-trust and I and I am with you every step of the way. 


Amy xo

Hello Beautiful Soul


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