New Moon in Leo & Lions Gate Portal

So many strong potent energies at play at the moment leading up to tomorrow’s Leo New Moon and Lionsgate Portal. A healing and transforming time to tap into the brave, courageous and heart led truth and expression of Leo. 
Having these two sacred energies reach their peak on the same day makes for some MAGICAL  high vibrational energy to support us in connecting back in with our inner lioness strength and higher self.
Lionsgate portal is significant because it is activated when the rising star of Sirius returns to our night sky. Many ancient civilisations say this is a powerful time of rebirth, abundance, spiritual advancement and supports us shifting into a higher state of consciousness.
While the Lionsgate Portal happens every year, 2021 is extra special as it happens to coincide with the Leo New Moon. Having a New Moon can amplify the energy of the portal, turbo-charging its effects and our ability to manifest. It’s electric right now and very powerful and potent time cut cords, release, surrender and create space for new beginnings to manifest.
With these two strong energies working together this is the time to connect to that part of you that wants the BEST for you and knows your soul’s truest longings and desires.
This process will support us in reaching a new place of freedom, inner strength and return to our power if we’ve felt disconnected. If daily rituals, spiritual or sacred practices has slipped a little , now is ta great time yo re-commit re-introduce them back to support you during lockdown and this intense time.
Courage is needed my darlings and lies within. The reward of inner freedom is ABUNDANT when committing to your high self and the inner work.
I’m in it sisters with you all the way digging deep and even though I’m feeling all the feels I’m trusting, allowing, honouring and choosing lightness, freedom, self-love and most importantly ME
Whatever is coming up for you, you’ve totally got this.
Love & light
Amy 💋
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