New Moon in Pisces Intuitive Guidance

New Moon in Pisces Intuitive Guidance

Renew with Self-love this New Moon


This week is the time to renew with self-love and self-compassion leading up to tomorrow’s New Moon in Pisces. I am writing this I am feeling ALL the feels. The energy this week feels very sensitive, intense, deep and chaotic. We are all feeling very deeply on so many levels and witnessing much devastation within our community and abroad. For those in Australia who live on the East Coast are very much ready for the relentless rain to stop and the sun to return.  This energy can leave us feeling scattered, overwhelmed, exhausted and even frantic just getting through our day. Anyone resonating and feeling the same?

I shared on social media yesterday and was very real and raw in how I felt in my struggles I have been experiencing navigating my ADHD parenting journey with my strong willed, big hearted brave Billy boy. Sharing in such a vulnerable way is something I have not always felt safe to do, however the I keep trying to remind myself the power in being vulnerable and sharing and how it supports others healing. If me sharing my story, my journey helps support one othe/r woman to get through hers then my work is done! I share not for the likes, the comments, or any sympathy. I share trusting that whoever needs to receive that message, that guidance that connection through my words will see it when they are meant too not feel alone.

What we are seeing and hearing in the news is having an effect on us. I have choosen not to read the news or have it on in my house for many years now.  It lowers my vibration too much for the work I do as I am such an empath and feel deeply. I protect my children from the pain, suffering and fear that the news loves to broadcast and I wrap myself, my children and my house in a bubble of love, light and healing each day. I also send this bubble of healing love & light out into world when I meditate.

Wherever you are right now on your healing journey, I hope that you are feeling safe and supported to allow the crumbling of what needs to fall away so that your most magnificent, pure radiant self can shine through. It is when we let go that space is created for new beginnings.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and the energy of this dark moon is very much about letting go of the past with self-compassion and forgiveness before you set you intentions and plant seeds for beginnings.

It can feel deep, shadowy and intense. You maybe having dreams from the past as this is the dreamy sign of the zodiac. Pisces rules the feet. Get in nature, get your feet in the earth. Visit the ocean. GROUND. My neighbours must laugh at me, but I love to walk my dog on our street in bare feet. I love the feeling of the wet grass on my feet! I find it nourishing and grounding. Of course I wipe my feet before I go inside (-:

This week my darlings embrace and embody all that is with Pisces. Her mantra is ‘I believe’ . Believe that whatever obstacle or block feels overwhelming, intense and impossible right now – believe that you can overcome it. Work through it and learn from it.

I start my 6 month Mastermind Mentorship with Cassie Mendoza-Jones on this New Moon on Thursday and the energy couldn’t be more aligned.

Breath in that love, trust and self-compassion my darlings.

BE Brave, you’ve totally got this!

I love you

Amy x

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