Transform with New Moon in Scorpio

Sign and energy of DEEP inner healing, change, transformation and rebirth represented the Scorpio, eagle and Phoenix. 

Today and tomorrow are an ideal time to journal not only your New Intentions/Goals for the month ahead and even start the planning process for 2022 – but it’s also an ideal time to reflect on what major transformations have you undergone in your life that have been life changing.
I don’t know about you but this year has thrown some huge curve balls my way that have asked me to dig deep, take sanctuary within my cocoon and alchemise what I can into gold, gifts and learnings.
These challenges and metamorphosis moments in life are what support us in awakening our true selves, unlocking our gifts and shape the course of our lives. For GOOD.
My sovereign heart is feeling FREE, UNSTUCK and pretty unstoppable as no matter what the universe has thrown my way – my warrior spirit only risen above as the fierce strong Lighthouse I know I am.
Journal prompts for this ✨New Moon✨
How has happened in your life that has transformed you?
What are you prepared to change, let crumble and fall away to allow new beginnings and space for inner growth and transformation?
What is your soul and heart LONGING and calling you to do in order for this to happen?
If feeling ‘stuck’ what are done baby steps you can take NOW to become ‘u stuck’?
New Moon blessings my darlings
Love Amy xoxo
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