New Moon in Virgo Musings

HELLO my darlings! Tomorrow is New Moon in Virgo and a divine time to wipe the slate clean and reset for Sep.
I don’t know about you but I feel like SO much has happened in Aug that a total reset is very much needed for all.
Do you feel your motivation and mojo starting to come back as we step out of Winter and into Spring? I absolutely am and it feels friggin amazing.
As you know I have been in sacred pause and deep rest and only now starting to emerge from the fog of shock that took hold of me. It has been a cocoon of deep inner healing releasing the trauma physically and emotionally of what happened when the truck hit us and turned my world upside down and sent my boys and I into a tailspin.
The love that had surrounded us far has been incredible . It really does take a tribe. It wasn’t easy initially to rest. I am a fire sign, a go getter who loves to shine her light and nurture others but it was a must that I allow myself this time of deep sacred rest.
Like many traumatic events in my life, I seek the lesson and gift always. There is no doubt my guardian angel, my late brother Nathan whom I lost to suicide in 1996 protected my boys and I that day. I know this accident happened for a very important reason and I continue to take these empowering learnings onboard with unconditional self-love, acceptance and forgiveness as my boys and I move forward with deep gratitude.
I choose to harness the independent queen of discernment and keeping it real energy of the Virgo Woman this New Moon . To be of service to myself first then to others as I efficiently begin to get myself back in flow again.
She’s highly intuitive, she replenishes her body, mind, and soul in nature, not easily shaken for long and the goddess of humanity seeing the goodness in all. She’s the heroine of her own life and her wand brings perfect order to your universe and the keeper of harmony that will help get your life so organised that you’ll remember your magic and wildness ways always.
Love & light
Amy 💋
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