Nuture your Inner Warrior Goddess

Nurture your Inner Warrior Goddess

Nurture your Inner Warrior Goddess as we enter April and give yourself permission to wipe the slate clean. To realign, reset and re-navigate your empowered path so it’s facing your truest north?

You are the co-creator of your life. You hold the power. Your inner Warrior Goddess always has your back. Belief in her.

Yesterday I had to postpone my New Moon Sacred Reset Retreat in Yanada which was meant to start TODAY on this New Moon in Aries.  We are unable to access the property with the relentless weather we are experiencing up and down the coast.

I poured my heart and soul into the preparation for this magical weekend for my 14 clients. The emotional roller-coaster I had been on all week still preparing, praying and hoping it would go ahead, crashed. My body went straight into fight or flight sympathetic nervous system mode for them all feeling all their collective disappointment and sadness that we couldn’t go.  For some this was their first retreat and also one of my clients birthdays. It was going to be magical. But it wasn’t meant to be. Not this weekend.

The last two years have taught us that even the best laid plans are not stable or certain. We must surrender to the flow and trust that things happen FOR us not TOO us and that the energy, timing will be even more aligned when we can gather and make this happen.

Fortunately I was able to secure a new date for them all THIS YEAR in Spring which is incredible as due to COVID most retreat venues are booked out until 2023. Lewis at Yanada went above and beyond.

New Date is October 20 – 23 in alignment with the powerful and transformational energy of New Moon in Scorpio. It was such synchronicity this new date as before I spoke to Lewis and he delivered the news that we had to cancel, I looked in my Magic of I moon diary and this weekend spoke to me as the ONE to reschedule it too. Lewis then texts me these exact dates. Thank-you UNIVERSE. You had my back and I am grateful.

Some of my clients are unable to make the new date so FOUR places have become available.


How to work with this Aries New Moon energy and nurture your Inner Warrior Goddess

  • Take this weekend to nurture your heart. Tend to her. If she’s anything like mine, her nervous system might need some rest and reset. I am choosing to this with Restorative yoga, a good book, walks in nature with my Buddy Boy, lots of tea, a lazy PJ morning with my boys watching a movie, nourishing food and a light hearted lunch with my girl tribe to cultivate some inner joy.
  • Reflect on March – write down ALL your wins. Focus on what you did WELL and how you kicked arse! Not what you didn’t get done. Because I know that there is plenty you DID get done.
  • Write down how have you become more resilient, more courageous and more brave from all that may have happened in March. Your Inner Warrior Goddess is wise, she is strong and she is intuitive. She knows what’s best for you. She might not always feel brave, but that is just because she is trying to keep you safe.
  • Assure her that you are ready to RISE & THRIVE .
  • That you are ready to LEAP and choose courage over comfort.

I am leaping with you my darlings! I have got this and SO DO YOU.

Always here for loving support.

New Moon Blessings,

Amy xoxo

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