Radiate with New Moon in Leo

Radiate with New Moon in Leo

How can you Radiate today with New Moon in Leo?

My favourite time of the year for many reasons being a Leo myself!

💫Leo energy supports us to lead from the heart with courage.
💫Encourages us to shine our magnetic light as we expand and grow (this particular New Moon is connected to Jupiter which is the planet of expansion).
💫Leo energy is proud, loyal, confident and fierce.
💫 Wants the best for us and supports us in listening to the niggles of our intuition which are leading us to our highest self and calling.

Life can feel ‘busy’ if we allow all that doing to take over. How do you FEEL about the direction you are going in? Are you get swept up in any mind drama, past actions and beliefs that are blocking your vision and flow?

This is a great time to PAUSE and consider the direction your going in. Does it FEEL good? If so – AMAZING. I celebrate you 🥳💃

If not it’s never too late to make the subtle changes necessary to change direction and choose a different path. A more empowered and aligned path.

Potent time to bring your attention to your heart centre, your heart space. Listen to her. Does she have any whispers for you?

A powerful and quick way to do this is sit with one hand your heart and one hand on your belly.

Breathe into both spaces, and once you feel you’ve fully landed in your heart and out of your head, listen to what intuition channels through. Trust in the whispers. They hold potent wisdom and insight.

The answers you seek are always within.

Sending you an abundance of expansive vibes 🤩

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Love and light

Amy xoxo

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