Reflecting on the lessons from 2022 with Amy Little

Reflecting on the lessons from 2022

Reflecting on the lessons from 2022 and honouring the empowering learnings, while letting go is key to creating the new beginnings you desire in 2023.

As we start the year and reflect on the lessons from 2022, what are the deepest learnings you will be taking with you this year?

Some of my deepest learnings from 2022 which made the greatest impact were;

πŸ’›It’s safe to LET GO – 2022 saw me making the big brave move of retiring my remedial massage therapist hands. I ‘let go’ of a role and a hat I had identified with for over 15 years. A hat I wore that I LOVED, I was GREAT at and healed so many with, BUT it was time to let it go as it was no longer serving me or my body.

I realised I was good at many things. I was wearing MANY hats in my business. It was becoming exhausting and I needed to simplify. It was time to;

πŸ’›Give myself πŸ’― permission to be of service to my community and do ONLY in my business what lights me up, serves my heart and my body. I embodied and honoured my healthy boundaries even more.

That meant saying no to client bookings that were no longer in alignment with the services I wanted to offer. That meant saying goodbye to income that was my bread and butter. It was my security. And not having that felt SCARY as f***😨

My inner child was totally freaked out, so I did what I always do. I allowed her to feel what she needed to feel, I surrounded her in self-compassion, self-love and I reminded her…

It’s OK. You are WAY more than just a massage therapist. You are a Holistic Wellness Coach who has supported hundreds of women.

You are a Self-love & Anxiety expert who facilitates Transformational yoga workshops, circles & retreats πŸŒΊπŸŒ™

You have many abundant streams of income & offerings that you LOVE to do. LOVE to facilitate. Life is good. All is well πŸ₯°

πŸ’› So I learnt to TRUST on an even DEEPER level. In all areas. In all of my relationships πŸ’›

Wholeheartedly TRUSTING is life changing. Choosing to belief in yourself, that life has your back TRUST is transformative and magnifying for our growth in all areas.

Anxiety struggles to exist πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Fear cannot thrive in a heart that is flowing with πŸ’›love & trustπŸ’› Simple!

I’m now ready for all 2023 has to offer having created so much more SPACE for the new beginnings to flow in.

I am ready to be of service to YOU – my beautiful online community in the most epic & transformational ways this year.

What are your deepest lessons that have made the greatest impact for you in 2022 and what have you let go of?

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Love Amy 😘

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