Sending you all Full Moon Blessings in Scorpio

Scorpio energy is deep and intense and this full moon is no exception! I personally love this strong, passionate and deep dive energy. Scorpio is traditionally associated with transformation, letting go, and purging. Full Moons also is a time to let go, release, shed (transform) and purge – so these themes coupled with a Full Moon/Super Moon creates an even more potent, electric and intense energy!

I’m feeling this full moon is trying to encourage much more than just releasing and shedding.

It’s calling us to not fear ‘The Crumbling’

What are you clinging to this Full Moon that is not serving you? Who or what are you afraid of becoming or not becoming?  The process of transformation from one state of being to another can feel scary – I have been there – sat with the dark night of my soul many, many times. It is not always the easy path but is absolutely necessary for soul growth my darlings.

The world needs you cracked open so you can shine your incredible light and stand strong with confidence in your Divine Feminine Power – rising like the magnificent phoenix you are!

Anything unauthentic within you will be illuminated in this Full Moon and has the potential to come to the surface for deep healing. You may feel it in your body – hear your intuition talking to you in your dreams, self-talk or whispers or just have a knowing that it is TIME to make those deep shifts or take that huge leap you’ve been holding yourself back from.

However this Full Moon feels for you – choose love and trust over fear always!
Journal prompts:

  • What am I clinging to for fear of nothing coming to take its place?
  • What freedom can I create by releasing the grip and surrendering?
  • Where am I stuck? What can I repurpose so I can move forward?
  • Who am I no longer willing to be? Who am I becoming?

We are coming out of fire and action energy or Aries which could be leaving a few of us feeling scattered and feeling low on energy. Time to slow down my loves, ground, nourish your body with lots of self-love and go within.

I know that’s what I will be doing as we approach May.

Walking this path with you always.

Love Amy xoxo

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