Setting Intentions with Chinese New Year

Setting Intentions with Chinese New Year.

Did you know that tomorrow brings the magical energy of New Moon in Aquarius and Chinese New Year? This year it falls in ‘Year of the TIGER which symbolises Recovery, Growth and Family. When I read this I laughed at the synchronicity of this energy as I feel it very much aligns with where many of us might be and ready to call in.

As we look forward to the year ahead and setting our intentions, we are often full of much hope for our Vision and if you’re like me, in BIG planning mode as how to get there.

Last year being an Ox year may have felt hard work and relentless but all the efforts and foundations that you laid last year were done for a reason and will be the building blocks of your growth to come. I think many of you are with me in saying we WELCOME this energy. Being a mother of two young active boys I will certainly be in recovery mode with them back at school as of tomorrow. Ha ha!

Harnessing this duality of energy:

  • If you are feeling in recovery mode be mindful how much you place on your plate this year and what expectations, you place on yourself. Is your Vision practical and sustainable?
  • If you are using this time to plan out your year – do it in small chunks where possible. Maybe a month/quarter at a time. Use a platform like Asana or Trello board to help you get organised. Here you can list all the ‘steps’ you will need to complete in order to reach your desired goal/intention. This method also reduces overwhelm and anxiety over ‘how much you have to do’.
  • When planning out your month or quarter, don’t forget to allocate precious time for your self-care! This is VITAL to your recovery and growth and will ensure you don’t burn out.

I personally LOVE this time of year SO much more than Jan 1. The kids are back at school and I can really sink my teeth back into my work and my vision for the year ahead.

Wishing you a magical week my darlings. Be sure to embrace this beautiful energy and open your heart to all possibilities.


Amy xoxo

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