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Share the LOVE

Share the Love this Valentines

Have you ever thought about writing yourself a love letter on Valentines and sharing the love not only with others but with yourself first?

Filling myself with self-love is a DAILY PRACTICE for me and one that has transformed the relationship I have with myself and others. Nurturing my inner child has become a non-negotiable focused, and intentional daily practice. It is about becoming your own mother and your own healer.

Today when I sat down at my desk and did my intention setting ritual, I pulled the Cancer card which is all about Nurturing, comforting and protecting yourself. It is connected with the energy of nurturing thy self and others. Such a spot-on energy for today.

Today though is really just like any other day. We don’t need a day to remind us to love ourselves or anyone else in our life anymore than we already do. Days like today though, and Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and even XMAS can trigger a lot for people and it’s something I’m always very aware of.

Those who know me well, know I tell almost everyone how much I love them!  I am a lover, not a fighter and I’m all about the LOVE baby – The Anahata. Which is where Absolute Heart Space and the Heart Space Sisterhood blossomed from. However this day lands for you in your heart, may you love yourself unconditionally today.  In all your enoughness, remembering how much you are truly loved and divinely guided by many. May you do something nurturing for YOU today.

Today share the love with YOU write a love letter to YOURSELF, reminding yourself how pretty dam loveable, gorgeous and amazing you truly are. Because YOU ARE. You don’t need anyone else to validate that for you. Feel it within. Free-write in your journal giving voice to your child within.

What makes you safe and cared for? Journey inward and listen to your needs today, as you would a child you love very much.

I’ve been feeling the 💕LOVE💕 since 6.15am this morning when my Buddy boy planted puppy kisses on my cheeks, my oat flat white was handed to me with a love 💛 and I returned from my walk to the most gorgeous card on my pillow from my hubby. Whatever your day is today – ensure that you wrap yourself in love.

I love you,

Amy xoxo

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