Surrender with Full Moon in Taurus

We have intense and heavy energy leading up to tomorrow’s Full Moon. 

I for one have been looking forward to a shift in the energy to kick off eclipse season!

Taurus being the practical, slow and steady earth sign that it is, hopefully has supported you in keeping a little calmer this week!
I have felt the DEEP need to surrender even more to all the ebbs, flows & cycles. SO much has happened for us all and I have felt the pull to embrace my feminine aspect more than ever.
The key words for Taurus are
✨I HAVE✨ which makes it a great week to shift your focus onto the blessings you have in your life and what you have to be grateful for.
What IS working for you right now and has worked for you throughout the year? Are there relationships, projects and offerings that have truly bring you JOY?
How can you serve from heart more in feminine flow, rather  than trying to do more in the masculine and squeeze more into your schedule as if time is running out.  We all need a healthy balance of both these forces.
There is PLENTY of time my loves! Use this weekend to align with your own heartbeat and the heartbeat of Mother Earth, Gaia. BREATHE in unconditional love, book in that self-care, so that you don’t burn out come December.
Listen to your intuition and your body, she holds all the answers you seek. Choose to absorb all the insight and gifts from the curve balls life throws at you matter how intense they may feel.
Some intuitive guidance for your journaling:
-How have you transformed and awakened this year, especially since the last Full Moon?
-In what ways have you grown and learnt from any major life events that have happened?
-What are you truly grateful for and what is your heart longing for you to remember?
-Are feeling heavy and need to unburden? What is ready to crumble away so that you may feel lighter?
-What relationships, habits, beliefs or patterns in your life are not serving you and need to be released, let go or forgiven?
May you find the strength, energy, and inspiration you need my darlings in the month ahead so that you may enter December with clarity, grace and ease.
With love & light.
Amy xoxo
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