Taurus New Moon Blessings

Helllo dear ones,

The portal to eclipse season kicks off with this New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday 12 May and leads us into a potent Full Blood Moon total eclipse on May 26.

The energy this month has felt very intense and fast to me and it’s time to SLOW DOWN and replenish our energy batteries. Time to retreat, rest and restore with this dark moon energy. To go within as we wipe the slate clean at the start of the lunar cycle and create room for new beginnings. This period is a wonderful time to resist pushing and just allow it all to flow intuitively from our heart space – not our mind ego space.

I have absolutely been feeling the need to step up the self-care practices more that’s for sure! All I want to do is curl up in a ball on the sofa with my cardi, blanket and a good book. Anyone else?

Some self-care tips:

✨Taurus is our connection to our body, self-worth and values. It’s important that you first take some time to ground retreat, slow-down and go with-in before drafting up those big dreams and goals with this new moon.
✨The more we harness the earth element of Taurus and ground our energy this month the less we will feel triggered during eclipse season which starts May 26.

Wishing you all a restful nourishing week ahead my darlings.

Much love as always
Amy 💋

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