The power of deep Trust with Amy Little

The Power of Deep Trust

The power of DEEP trust in all the decisions we make and direction our path is taking us has a huge impact on how we feel and ultimately what we attract into our life.

I just wanted to pop in before we end the week to ask a few HEART questions. And what I mean by that is sometimes when we want the TRUEST answer, we must ask our heart what she feels, and now allow our mind/ego to rule our internal dialogue or plant any self-doubt.

πŸ’—Do you DEEPLY trust in the decisions you make or are you constantly doubting yourself, which in turn prevents you moving forward?

If you answered no to trusting or sometimes I trust, please don’t beat yourself up as even the most empowered mindset can doubt themselves at times! It takes commitment, self-compassion, self-love and strong boundaries coupled with self-care and self-love practices to continually have 100% complete and total faith and trust in the direction life is often taking us on, especially if you can’t visualise or have no control the end result.

The good news is YOU are the co-creator of your life and the direction you are going. You hold the power to change direction/decision and realign with your HEART anytime you choose!

How about this juicy question…

πŸ’—What does success mean to you?

Pause now, check in and see what words your heart says, and more important what your head tries to chip in with –Β  is it how much you earn? What kind of job your have? Or is it what you’ve achieved in your life so far, your house, how much you have in the bank, the car you have?

OR is it a FEELING? Simply put, success could be that you desire or already do FEEL enough, worthy and self-confident and FREE in all areas of that life. Waking up everyday feeling aligned, joyful, connected and fearless.

Ultimately that would be amazeballs right? For me that is TRUE Success because nothing beats happiness.

I have a new BELIEF for you or mantra to help realign and clear any fears that may have been triggered reading this email


Place your hand on your heart – close your eyes and breath that potent mantra in my darlings and exhale out all those fears and self doubts

If any of what I have shared resonates and want more of this transformative energy and intuitive guidance on how to live in alignment and create a life of SUCCESS that supports your HEART join me Wednesday 23 Nov for a


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I am with you every step of the way.

Love Amy 😘

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