The relationship with YOU is the most important.

The relationship with you is the most important

The relationship with YOU is the most important.

I have three very important questions for you.

💫Who are you?
💫What do you think your worth?
💫And do you TRULY unconditionally love & accept yourself for who you are?

Did these questions trigger anything?

Did the answers come or did you find yourself even doubting/judging your answers?

As an intuitive alignment coach & subconscious healer, I specialise in realigning and reprogramming your belief system so that you are telling yourself better things.

The relationship you have with yourself IS the most important. Once we are in a place of complete self-love & self-respect, knowing and believing our self-worth is limitless, we no longer crave outside validation to feel safe, to belong, to feel loved.

It’s not ‘easy’ work at times. Deep inner work, sometimes called (shadow) work never is but it’s worth it. The results, freedom and liberation you experience once your out the other side is EPIC!

I know this from experience because I’ve been there. Sat with the dark knight of my soul many, many times. Survived trauma I thought I’d never come back from fully, but I DID!

Because I had BELIEF I could 💪

For 16 years I’ve done this work and so passionate about empowering and guiding others through their own healing and growth journeys.

You TOO deserve to feel full of love, joy and FREE 💃💃💃

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You’ve totally got this sister. I believe in you.

Love Amy xoxo

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