Nurture and Nourish your Nervous System with Amy Little

Ways to Nurture & Nourish your Nervous System

Do you know ways to nurture and nourish your nervous system to avoid burnout?

How are you feeling as we approach the end of the year? Are you feeling burnt out or have been conscious to take good care of yourself?

If your feeling burnt out and your cup is running on empty, please don’t be too hard on yourself that you should of done more to care of yourself. It’s never too late to stop, rest and restore your nervous system.

I thought I would just pop into your inbox with some practice tips as to how you can nurture your nervous system now so that you are not crawling over finish line come XMAS eve.

Ways to Nurture and Nourish your Nervous System


❤️ BREATHE – Whenever you feel your heart racing, the anxiety creeping in, the self-doubt taking over your mindset – just STOP and BREATHE love and self-compassion into your body.

❤️YOGI 4 PART BREATH – Do this for 5-10 counts depending on how long it takes for you to feel calm and heart rate reduced. This exercise takes you out of your head and into your body – connect into your intuition and heart while doing this by placing one hand on your belly, and one on your heart. 

  1. Begin with an exhale for the count of four.
  2. Hold on the exhale for the count of four.
  3. Inhale for the count of four.
  4. Hold on the inhale for the count of four.
  5. Repeat
  1. Tell yourself better things. In conjunction with the pranayama breathing exercise above, use a Self-Belief Mantra with the inhale as you release the negative thoughts with the exhale – example ‘I can do hard things’. ‘It’s safe for me to trust’ ‘I can do this’ ‘I am loved, I am supported’ ‘Life supports me’

Or working with releasing undesired emotions this way.

Inhale – LET – Exhale GO

Inhale – TRUST – Exhale WORRY

Inhale – LOVE Exhale – FEAR


❤️ Avoid screen time before sleep – Sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of PND, depression, anxiety and chronic fatique. Good sleep is essential for functioning and our body repairing and replenishing it’s vital energy.

Ways to support good sleep:

❤️Fall asleep by 10pm and ensure you have water next to your bed if you wake thirsty. Hydration is so important, especially if you have enjoyed a cheeky glass of wine while unwinding (-:

❤️ Have an epsom salt bath or warm shower before bed. Use essential oils such a lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, neroli or any oil that makes you feel RELAXED. To use in bath mix with milk to avoid it irritating your skin. In the shower consciously wash of the day and energy of everyone who has depleted you.

❤️Breathe in bed before you sleep. Come back to breathing exercise above as you lay and rest. Breath out of the DOING, THE GIVING, THE COOKING, THE CLEANING, BREATHE IT ALL OUT! This is your time to rest now.

❤️Self-love with body lotion and hand cream – Nurture you and your beautiful body.

❤️Take magnesium before bed (I have mine next to my bed) and read a good book to take your mind off the day and escape. I always love romantic fiction!

❤️Do restorative or yin Yoga! If getting to a face to face yoga class is not possible, do an online class or simply sit in stillness for 5-10 after your shower or before you sleep in your fav stretch or yoga pose for a good release in your muscles. This is time for you to release and simply to just BE and self-love after a busy day. Your nervous system and limbic nerve loves these kind of activities and it will support you in falling into a deep sleep quicker.

I also have pre-recorded online classes returning in 2023 within a membership! More info coming in New Year.

For now, please enjoy a FREE YIN CLASS as a GIFT from me HERE . Mhaw! Merry Xmas…link below

❤️Listen to a yoga nidra, sleep story before you sleep or a guided meditation before you start the day. Insight timer is a great app which has some wonderful FREE mediations and sleep stories etc.

I hope these little gems support you and your nervous system in feeling replenished, restored, lighter and relaxed.

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May you be happy, maybe you be healthy, may you feel well and be free.

Love Amy x

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