You can do hard things

You can do hard things!

You can do hard things my darlings


Holy moly last week for me was a week of doing really ‘hard’ things and  I REALLY had to lean into my courage instead of staying in the comfort zone. And I really want to remind you that you can do hard things too!

Though it wasn’t all bad. We had an AMAZING ‘I am Brave, I AM Beautiful SIX Self-Mastery Challenge we had last week! For those who joined me, thank-you for showing up and choosing YOU. Your energy was incredible.

Starting the week last week on Anzac Day, I felt incredibly anxious and I was baffled as to why. This anxiety felt different, like my intuition was trying to prepare me for something.

Little did I know how BIG!

Tuesday I started my I AM Brave I AM Beautiful SIX Day FREE Challenge within my Heart Space Sisterhood private FB community.

I really wanted to stand along side the courageous women who had been brave to join me on the challenge. I really wanted to be BRAVE with them. So I decide on the first LIVE on Tuesday to give up coffee.

My belief behind this was I am brave, I am strong, I love my body and I want to nourish her more and coffee is just not serving her anymore.

Also leading up to this challenge we have been monitoring and caring deeply for our darling Cat Jethro who is 15 this year and has been the most incredible fur baby to us.

He was our first for baby and on Wednesday we noticed his health and vitality declined considerably.

Come Thursday morning he wasn’t looking or sounding good. We had to make the call I wasn’t prepared for this to happen this week. Not when I was halfway through a challenge showing up LIVE on FB every morning at 7am, teaching, coaching clients, facilitating a workshop and being a mamma with a cross country thrown in- all whilst no longer having coffee 😵‍💫

So what did I do?

I told myself ‘Amy – You can do hard things! You’ve got this babe! I DUG DEEP, I trusted, I meditated, I self-cared and I did what I had to do and I did it for my Jethro Puss.

Thursday night we let Jethro go to meet our Molly girl who left us two years ago and Friday after barely any sleep I supported three clients and facilitated a New Moon Yin Yoga Sacred Circle.

Because of my beliefs, my inner courage and because I had my own back, It all felt amazing and I welcomed the distraction of my passion, my purpose and serving from heart, though a little vulnerable. I felt safe to be me and show UP for my clients.

I am SO passionate about empowering women to unlock their courage, their inner resilience and self-worth.

To truly love themselves, embracing their wholehearted selves, knowing that they are ENOUGH. Believing that they were ALWAYS enough.

There was no way I was going to collapse in a heap and not show up for me or them last week!

I share this because last week I did SO many hard things, and I want to remind you that you can too.

You are braver, stronger and way more resilient than you think. Believe in yourself my darlings and know that you hold the inner guidance, wisdom and answers within to get through any challenge or obstacle that comes your way.

If you want to see the replays from the Challenge you can join the Heart Space Sisterhood Facebook Group HERE

It is such an honour to do this work and radiate for you all.

Wishing you a wonderful week, feeling full of motivation and inspiration.


Amy xo

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