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Your Anxiety is your Messenger

Hello beautiful soul,

Did you know that your anxiety is your messenger and has the power to transform your life? They key is to cultivate awareness and learn to look closely at the lessons your anxiety might be trying to teach you. Your anxiety is your inner child/voice trying to help you connect to your soul more deeply and, in turn, better your mental health.

Anxiety can be a relentless beast that demands your attention, time and energy. It can rule our lives and it can impact us both physically and emotionally.

Having experienced anxiety myself, I have learnt to see my anxiety as a messenger; telling me that perhaps something isn’t quite right and that I may need to make some subtle changes. When it arises I bring myself into the present with breathing exercises, moving my body or ERT tapping and allow the quiet space to tune into my heart and listen for the important messages to come through. When you tap into your own innate wisdom and intuition, you become more aquatinted with where your life is out of alignment and what changes you need to make.

What you perceive to be your greatest weakness is in fact teaching you how to be the best version of yourself. Understanding that you are a soul with a physical body reminds you that anxiety is your spiritual compass and messenger. Your spirit wants you to shine in this lifetime and fulfil your greatest destiny. Your anxiety teaches you to reconnect with your spirit, to listen to your intuition and give yourself permission to live your life as your true, authentic self.

I invite you to join me Tuesday 26 July 6.30-7030pm for a VALUE packed POWER HOUR MASTERCLASS where I will share with you ALL MY SECRETS to how to start my day feeling aligned, empowered and in flow.

I will guide you through a process of giving yourself permission to FEEL GOOD again. To choose you and understand what is holding you back and keeping you feeling stuck.

During this cuppa and connect masterclass you will begin to:

  • Feel differently about yourself
  • Form new beliefs and tell yourself better things
  • Align your energy with your highest self
  • Give yourself permission to embrace what makes you FEEL GOOD
  • Begin the process of unconditionally loving and accepting yourself. 
  • Be empowered with your own Daily Self-Care practices

The investment for this hour of inner work and inner growth is $11 plus you’ll receive a FREE workbook so you can have your own resource to draw upon anytime you need.

I look forward to you joining me my darlings and embarking on this journey of self-empowerment with you!

Reach out if you have any questions. Booking can be made HERE

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Amy xoxo

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