Your Self-Belief is your super power

Your Self-Belief is your Superpower

Your Self-Belief is your divine force and essence that helps you get UNSTUCK and moving in the direction you desire to go.

Our belief in oneself shapes our thoughts, uplifts our moods, lowers our anxiety and is the key to feeling successful, feeling in sufficiency, content and happy.

I sense the possibility that awaits you as I write this.

I understand how your path is devoted to betterment, how there is a thirst to see how magical you can co-create your own life.

I know want this SO much for yourself, and at times this path of inner growth and deep inner work can feel overwhelming.

Perhaps you tried to squeeze yourself into a role that only served to make you feel tighter, more restrained, because the people pleaser in you thought that this was the right thing to do. For others, for everyone around you. Because if everyone else around you is happy, then you can finally be happy right?

The thing we truly desire most along with happiness, is inner freedom. To feel safe to show the world who you truly are. Free to be who you really want to be, to do what you want to do and to have no financial limits placed on the dreams that are calling you.

My role is to walk this with you, to hold you up to your greatness with an expectation that you meet yourself at the place of your dreams and freedom and nowhere else.

I am here to open you up to the support that wants to come through from your team of light, The Universe and those who are here to guide you. To show you that you are not alone and there is a path so much bigger than you can dream of which awaits.

You know how to do hard things – it is time to TRULY belief this my darling!

You are an action taker but what is calling is the next level success for you – the time where you truly step up and say ‘Here I am’ and this is the kind of life I desire to lead. What you want matters. What you feel matters.

Let 2023 be the year you give yourself permission to put your needs and desires first and to start living your life on your own terms, unapologetically, feeling Fearless and free! To get UNSTUCK, take COURAGEOUS action and RECLAIM your life back.

The calling for that version of you is strong, answer her. Take that leap.

You go first – the Universe will catch you, so will I.

You are held always.

Doors open to my Signature Fearless Heart Group Mentoring Program in February 2023. Hear what others have to say about it..

You heard the call – Listen to the niggle and leap with me.

You’ve got this. Your self-belief is your superpower.


Hear what other Fearless Hearts have to say

They say “ When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

I had put it out that I was ready and I found Amy Little who welcomed me into her community of awesome women with open arms. The moment I stepped into her space I felt nurtured supported and held in a way that allowed me to let the healing begin.

The six week Fearless Heart Mentoring Program gave me insight into how to unpack things I was reluctant to let go of.

Going through this process with 8 like minded awesome women was an honour.

Amy held the space for me to move through my emotional blocks and take me to a place where I found clarity and peace.

Each member of the group had their own reasons for being there and the level of respect for each of us to process our own feelings and emotions was divine. Amy’s intuitive nature made the experience quite effortless although the work was quite challenging I felt truly seen and heard.

I move forward freely knowing that I have all that I need inside me and Amy walking beside me.



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I am with you,

Love Amy xoxo

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